The Company:

The Wolfe Companies, LLC, a leader in the Gift Card and FinTech sectors, is known for its prominent brands such as PerfectGift, Gift Card Granny, GiftYa, Reaf Marketing, and Give InKind. Our company excels in delivering exceptional value and customer experience in our industry. You'll find detailed information about our company culture, values, and the recognition we've earned in our industry at the top page of our career site.

What is Evergreen position?

At Wolfe, we believe in the power of exceptional talent. Even if we're not actively hiring for a specific position, we're always on the lookout for the best and brightest individuals to join our ever-expanding technology team. We invite you to be part of our Evergreen Talent Pool — a reservoir of remarkable professionals we can tap into when the right role arises.

  • Stay on Our Radar: Should a role open up that fits your profile, we will consider you for the position.
  • Opportunistic Interviews: If your application stands out, we might invite you for an interview—even if there isn’t an immediate opening. We value talent, and when we see it, we don’t want to let it pass by.
  • Potential Role Creation: If you impress us during the interview process, we might tailor a position around your unique skill set, regardless of our current hiring needs.

Software Engineers at Wolfe are the prime implementers of the product vision. We have three business units with unique use cases, including Card Linked Gifting, an in-house Gift Card Printing Facility, and high-traffic e-commerce applications. Maintaining performant systems is crucial for our success. Software Engineers are embedded in one of our 5 cross-functional product teams. They work alongside a product owner, designers, other Software Engineers, front-end developers, QA, and DevOps. The product team focuses on delivering a conceptual slice of our business.

Our environment is fast-paced. We use an Agile SDLC that promotes bottleneck reduction and adjustments based on observed metrics.

In addition, we’re transitioning our front-end tech to be more JavaScipt-focused, including UI in NextJS and backend components in Node, using libraries like Prisma and Bull. Backend services are also starting to leverage Java / Spring Boot.

About You:

  • You love looking under the hood. You live in a world of entity design and business logic implementation. You think in systems. You appreciate the importance of design patterns.
  • You are motivated and driven. You treat software development like a craft that needs to be honed.
  • You have experience working with complex systems with many moving parts. You like representing business logic formally (like with state machines). You’ve built and operated systems that talk to third parties. You can write code that’s resilient against third-party failures.
  • You have an eye toward operations. Code is read and executed astronomically more times than it’s written, so you’re mindful of how your code can be observed in production, how it recovers from errors, and how easily it can be understood by others.
  • You believe in an SDLC that promotes quick iterations, transparency, and automation.
  • You appreciate data, whether it’s the throughput of your team or the performance of your application. You know your numbers and, more importantly, the bottlenecks that the numbers reveal. This is true for process and production metrics.
  • You can work in a fast-paced environment. We release early, and we release often.
  • You have eCommerce experience. You’ve worked with payment providers like Stripe and PayPal.
  • You’ve worked with complex systems that require asynchronous processing. You’re comfortable with event buses and queue systems.
  • You love producing highly performant applications, both in terms of client-side rendering as well as server-side throughput.
  • You lead by example. You have experience mentoring junior developers.
  • You have good experience modeling data.


  • Full-stack development on eCommerce applications and back-end business systems.
  • Guide our usage of server-side Node applications
  • Implement and maintain back-end processes, like asynchronous order processing and fulfillment queues
  • Find efficiencies, be it load times, build pipelines or design/dev hand-off processes.
  • Work within our Project Management and SDLC processes. We use Jira, BitBucket, and BitBucket Pipelines to manage our work.
  • Maintain a solid industry awareness. You know what browsers are doing and what other companies are supporting. You know the current best practices and track shifts in industry thinking.
  • Understand and implement SEO best practices and use tools like Google Analytics for analysis.
  • Achieve necessary and desired site performance and optimization. Manage assets on CDNs, and understand how to get the most out of a site. You have a toolbox of services to help you evaluate a site’s performance.
  • Focus on testing! We use React Testing Library, Jest, Cypress, and others, available.
  • Be an expert in building software systems using a framework in an MVC (or similar, language-appropriate) architecture.
  • Proven experience leading the implementation of web services, and APIs, and integrating solutions with third-party applications.
  • This engineer should have a strong focus on data modeling, API construction, and high-volume back-end systems.
  • Experience architecting services and systems using well-accepted design patterns to allow for iterative, autonomous development and future scaling.

Our Development Team:

The Wolfe Development and QA Team agree to these principles:

  • Production Insight - We don’t just write software. We run the software. We ensure our applications and systems are working and maintain insight into how they’re performing and how they’re being used.
  • Developer Accountability - “Done” means live, out to the world, in front of the people who are going to use it. We need people to own their work from implementation planning, through release, to ongoing production awareness.
  • Tight Development Loop - It’s cheaper to solve problems and answer questions closer to where they arise, so we have a great interest in quick reviews, quick releases, and quick adjustments.

Application Stack:

This is our stack. You don’t need experience in everything to apply, but this is what you’ll be working with. In addition to the below, we are evaluating other languages to power our backend services, including JavaScript (Node), Java (Spring Boot), and C#.

  • Typescript, JavaScript, Node
  • Java / Spring Boot
  • PHP, Symfony
  • MySQL, Redis, Rabbit
  • Kubernetes
  • Twig, React, React Native, Next.JS
  • Datadog
  • Bitbucket Pipelines
  • CloudFlare
  • Vercel, Builder.IO, Planetscale

Please note: Wolfe does not sponsor individuals for the purpose of obtaining H-1 Visas