Here at Wolfe, LLC, we are constantly improving and growing. We hire highly talented people, we provide a vision and mission, but most importantly we focus on cultural fit. We hope to continue our success over the years and give back to help others.

Wolfe has won numerous awards such as Best Workplace Award, Entrepreneur of the Year from Ernst & Young, Pittsburgh Business Ethics Award, Governors Impact Award, Pittsburgh Diamond Award, Pittsburgh CEO of the Year, Fastest Growing Business Top 100 (seven times!), and many more.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Wolfe occupies the building at 495 Mansfield Ave in Greentree, Pennsylvania. The founder, Jason Wolfe, began building e-commerce and online businesses in 1995. Over the last 20 years we have successfully built some of the Internet’s most innovative companies. Today, we are actively building the next generation gift company that will fix a broken model and change the game for gift cards in the future. We own well over 20 patents and actively license the patents to help revolutionize the gifting industry.

The Wolfe team has dedicated countless hours of time and research into building and perfecting the experience of building and sending customized Visa and Mastercards. We built technology that allows our users to upload their favorite photos to a gift card, and we print and ship the same day from our on-site fulfillment center.

After being in the gift card industry for over 25 years, we realized that there was room for improvement. The Wolfe team is working on building products that will pave the way for the next generation of gifting. Whether its gifts sent through text messages or linked directly to the credit or debit card in your wallet, Wolfe is the industry leader in next-generation gifting.

  • Anniversary "Time @ Wolfe" Rewards

  • Employee Referral Bonus

  • Excellent Health Benefits

  • Yearly Donation to Charity of Your Choice

  • Flexible Work Schedules (Including Telework)

  • Restricted Stock Unit Plan